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POT Service

POT - Orientation and Tutoring Plans

To respond to our students' requests for information and support, we have introduced a new free dedicated service, the Orientation and Tutoring Plans (POT).

What does the POT consist of?

The service offers support from our tutors, who are UniBg students able to respond to general doubts and concerns regarding:

  • Field of study;
  • Administrative procedures and obligations;
  • The different aspects of university life.

The service goal is to ensure the accompaniment of students, from the very first entrance to the University until the end of their studies.

Who is the POT for?

The Orientation and Tutoring Plans are mainly aimed at:

  • First-year students enrolled in the first year of the Bachelor's degree;
  • First-year students enrolled in the first year of the Master's degree courses.

The service is also available to students enrolled in the years following the first.

Who are our tutors?

The tutors are Unibg students enrolled in a Master's degree program or UniBg Ph.D. students, who are supervised and coordinated by a Department professor.

How to access the service

Accessing the service is straightforward.

Fill out the form, and our tutors will contact you: click here (English version).