Research strategies | Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche

Research strategies

The primary objective of the Department of Economics is to reinforce the quality of research through strategies that:

  • on the one hand, aim at strengthening quality recruitment and;
  • on the other, aim at fostering an adequate context for the development of projects both nationally and internationally.

The department's primary role is to create conditions to favor the improvement of the quality and relevance of the department's research.

Specifically, it is considered strategic:

  • Strengthen the tools and support for participation in both national and international competitive tenders;
  • Reinforce relations with the production world, institutions, and society as a whole aimed at enhancing the ability to attract resources and develop public engagement activities, also favoring the creation of external resources to be used internally (see third parties);
  • Extend the rewarding mechanisms in the distribution of resources while ensuring fair distribution;
  • Aim to create a critical mass of motivated and dynamic young people by creating conditions of adequate "attractiveness" both from the point of view of opportunities and from the infrastructural point of view;
  • Create and develop research infrastructures functional to the research areas of the department (Data Lab, Experimental Lab);
  • Create the conditions for international recruitment by taking advantage of the tax advantages intended for the return of brains.