Mathematics and Statistics Seminar Series - Olga Maslovskaya (University of Southampton) | Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche

Mathematics and Statistics Seminar Series - Olga Maslovskaya (University of Southampton)

18 April 2023 12:30 to 13:30
Lab 19, via dei Caniana | On Microsoft Teams
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Tommaso Lando (
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Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche

"The Generations and Gender Survey (GGS) in the UK: Advancing online survey methodology"

At the beginning of my presentation I will talk about our new ESRC-funded research project Survey Data Collection Methods Collaboration (SDCMC) which brings together 16 institutions across the UK to jointly address issues associated with survey data collection methods and to ensure we can continue collecting high quality social data in the UK. 

In the second part of my presentation I will talk about Generations and Gender Survey (GGS) research project in the UK funded by the ESRC.  The GGS is part of a global data collection infrastructure focused on population and family dynamics. The GGS collects demographic, economic, and social attitude data on young and mid-life adults (18-59) as they enter into adulthood, form partnerships, and raise children. In this seminar, I will first discuss the design and launch of the UK GGS, which has been conducted online using push-to-web approach to data collection. I will reflect on the challenges of conducting probability-based online data collection in the UK context including the absence of an individual-level sampling frame. Our project included an enhancement component that developed and tested new data entry formats and summary screens to improve the quality of life history data and I will discuss finding associated with this part of the project. I will also discuss the preliminary results of the two methodological experiments (Incentives Experiment and QR codes Experiment). Although data collection has only completed in March 2023, I will provide preliminary results from this new data resource.



This seminar is available on Microsoft Teams, at this link.