Internship: Get in Touch! | Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche

Internship: Get in Touch!

19 maggio 2022 14:30
Aula 15/Bertocchi
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Persona di riferimento: 
Prof. Daniele Toninelli,
Strutture interne organizzatrici: 
Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche

Intership opportunities for students. Firms' general presentations and roundtables for closer meetings with the companies.
- featuring Banco BPM, INTWIG, Safilo, Würth Italia
- with interventions of Prof.ssa Maria Rosa Battaggion (EDA program director), Sofia Frigato (UniBG Internship Office)

Registration link (deadline May 12th).


- 2:15 welcome to the event!

- 2:30 event opening address

- 2:50 all together for a broad tour • firms’ general presentation: who we are, interns’ witnesses, discussion

- 4:30 time for a (coffee) break

- 5:10 roundtables (knowing each other… in two rounds) • Q&As, ideas, projects: closer & deeper meetings with one of our firms